68th Birthday Celebrations

I’ve had a great day – weather couldn’t have been better 🙂

After a fairly lazy morning John, James and I went for lunch at Scandi Divers in Big Lalaguna, a beautiful bay with clear water and gorgeous white sand.

It was so nice to take a banca out on the ocean, instead of driving – also a little reminder that we do live on an island.

The food at Scandi was excellent and we all finished off our meal with some very decadent desserts 🙂

What a lovely way to celebrate my birthday 🙂

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Then there were two :)

A little while ago John made a coffee table for our veranda.

The original plan was to make two, to replace our existing table.

Well now we have two and how nice are they 🙂

Considering John has never really been into DIY, he is doing a great job – just waiting to see the end result of his next project 🙂

People are always asking “don’t you get bored being retired?” We never have time to be bored, there is always something to do and John’s little DIY projects keep him well and truly busy in the garage, which keeps him out of my hair and out of the bars 😉


House Sign

Here is another of John’s projects 🙂

We needed a new house sign, as the one our friend Barry so kindly made for us was looking a little worse for wear, due to our harsh climate 🙁

Seems John is turning his hand to this “do-it-yourself” thing in his old age!

Amazing what retirement can do 🙂


Mangrove Walk

On Thursday morning, after doing some shopping in town, Junely and I decided to take a look at the Mangrove Walk in Dulangan.

The walk is about 300m, so not too strenuous and most of it is in shade, which was a blessing 🙂

All very professionally done and so nice to walk in the peace and quiet – the only sounds were the birds 🙂

Lots of interesting notices telling you about the trees and wildlife there – a very nice tourist attraction.

It costs next to nothing to enter and there is even a notice telling you exactly where your money goes.

Worth a visit for anyone in the area 🙂


Lemon Trees

Look at my Lemon Trees!!

We were given these as tiny seedlings by Barry and Vangie just after we moved in – can’t believe they are bearing so much fruit at such a small size !!

I think we are going to have to buy more Gin 😉