John’s Birthday

What a beautiful day for John’s birthday!!

We had breakfast at Badladz Beach Resort and how pleasant it was, sitting by the ocean with a wonderful sea breeze.

Later we had a family dinner at the Beach Frog Bar in White Beach – as always the food was great. Norma made us a batch of her wonderful sausage rolls as a starter and to end the meal we had her amazing (birthday) chocolate cake 🙂

Unfortunately we were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot to take photos – never mind we have the memories 🙂


Anytime, anywhere, the Filipinos are up for a challenge.

Last week this meant moving a Kubo from Dulangan Beach to Bulabod Beach – no problem they say, let’s remove it from it’s concrete pillars, set it on a raft and tow it with our fishing boats 🙂

It was amazing to watch these guys, I was convinced the whole thing would collapse at one point, but no, they kept it all in one piece and it now rests perfectly in it’s allotted place for the owners future use!


What no leaves!!!!

That’s right, no leaves and all due to the ugly monster you see below. I am sure he/she is going to make a beautiful butterfly/moth one of these days, just a pity it is at the expense of my plants.

I really do love to see the butterflies in my garden, but the destruction the caterpillars cause is unbelievable, shame we can’t have one with the other 😉


Garden’s Blooming Again

Our garden took a real beating when the roof was being replaced, but in just a matter of weeks (with a fair bit of effort from me) it’s back to its old self. The little bit of lawn we have is still patchy in places but I am sure that will recover in no time at all 🙂


Roof is Finished :)

At last the roof is finished, apart from having the gutters fitted, which hopefully should happen very soon.

We are really pleased with the end result, it has improved the look of our house 100% and the fact that there are no leaks or sagging is an added bonus 🙂

The dirt and dust has gone and the garden is almost back to normal – can’t believe how well it has recovered after the beating it received 🙁

Summer has also arrived so we are enjoying the house, the garden and the beautiful weather – aren’t we the lucky ones !!!!