Early Morning Walk


Took Gremlin on a short, early morning walk on the beach.

It was a beautiful sunrise – so lucky to be retired and have the time to do this instead of dashing off into traffic 🙂


Our New Little Car


We decided to sell our Hyundai 4 x 4, as the once, very difficult road to our house (hence the need for a 4×4), has been concreted 🙂

Which make of car we bought was literally made for us, as the only Dealership in Calapan at the moment is Kia. Having to take the Hyundai across the water every time we needed a service became a real pain, as it’s expensive, time consuming and not every RoRo is state of the art!

So we have bought a Kia Picanto and it’s great – less expensive to run, easier to park (essential in Puerto Galera as there is little or no parking!!!) very cute and we have more space in the garage too 🙂


Ladies “Book Club” Lunch


Our Ladies “Book Club” (I use the term loosely) lunch was held at Luca’s Restaurant on Talipanan Beach.

We travelled there by banca, the weather was beautiful and I think, as we passed one gorgeous beach after another, it gave us the opportunity to appreciate how lucky we are to live here 🙂

Peter and Virgil joined us – they are leaving Puerto Galera soon to live in Tokyo, so the trip probably gave them a chance to enjoy the scenery from the ocean rather than the road, possibly for the last time, until they return for a visit.

Coco (Jakita’s dog) also came along for the ride – she’s very relaxed on the ocean as she very often joins Jakita and her husband Peter on their yacht.

It was nice to see Ron and MayAnn on Zenity at Talipanan Beach – their charter clients were also having lunch at Luca’s!

Looks like it wasn’t only the “Book Club” having a great time 🙂


New Hibiscus



Yet another Hibiscus (Gumamela as it is known here) from a cutting.

Isn’t nature wonderful!

This is a very economical way of gardening, apart from the fact that every time there is a new plant it means a new pot – at least clay pots don’t cost a fortune 🙂





How’s this – homemade Ratatouille made with my very own home grown Eggplants!!!

Looks like there are more eggplants on the way, judging by the amount of flowers on my plants – will have to think of another way of cooking them – one that John will approve of 😉